2019 ASTC Bulletin

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The photos in the ads on pages 38 and 39 of the 2019 Bulletin were accidentally reversed very late in the production process. Our sincere apologies for the error.

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There are still a few print copies of the 2019 & 2018 Annual Bulletins
$5.00 each including shipping, TO ORDER CONTACT

Allison Atherton | (512) 275-6629 | allisonatherton@yahoo.com

Thanks to editor Madonna Holko, a 2018 annual Bulletin was available in time for the 2019 National Specialty.

Madonna then trained a new Bulletin editor, Sharon Lunney, while preparing a 2019 magazine-style annual issue. The 2019 National issue has been mailed out to all ASTC members and advertisers. Going forward, there will also be at least two Bulletins in newsletter format that will be mailed with ASTC ballots. Because the magazine-style annual will be posted on the website when it has been completed and mailed to club members, no subscriptions will be accepted. A link to the magazine is also being mailed to all AKC judges and permit judges who judge Shih Tzu. Chimp mail and monthly updates of the website will still serve as important ways to share information with our members.

A special thank you to Madonna, Sharon, and those who submitted information and ads that have enabled us to resume publication of the Bulletin in print.

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Still available on line is the: 2017 National Specialty issue