Carlene Snyder Receives ASTC Life Membership

On April 29, 2017, Carlene Snyder was awarded life membership in the American Shih Tzu club in recognition of her years of service to the ASTC and the breed.

Carlene was involved in dogs long before she got her first Shih Tzu in 1977 and joined the ASTC in 1982. As a teenager in high school and college, she worked for handler Eunice Fishman in West Virginia. She met her husband Dan through Eunice, and took some time off to raise a family after they were married. She has bred many champions over the years in a very limited breeding program. She and Dan especially love puppies, and her home is known to locals as “the puppy Hilton.”

Carlene has served several terms on the ASTC Board of Directors and has long and ably executed the duties of chair of the ASTC Health Committee and a member of the board of the ASTC Charitable Trust. She is perhaps best known to members for helping display and sell tickets to the ASTC raffles at national specialties. This has involved hauling a large suitcase of materials to each national for more than 10 years to use in decorating the raffle table and putting together attractive baskets. She also donated many raffle items, displaying her artistic talents there and in decorating and manning the first ever AKC Meet the Breeds booth with Shannon Moberly. Carlene served for many years on the ASTC breeder referral committee, and has held almost every office in the Shih Tzu Fanciers of Central Florida, where she also handles breeder referral. She has long been a judges education mentor at national and local specialties, and took over the job of answering general inquiries from pet owners to the ASTC website after Barbara Pennington’s death.

Whenever asked to help, Carlene has stepped up, and the ASTC would like to publicly recognize her many years of service.

Life Membership is awarded for outstanding service to the club and the breed.
ASTC Life Members are:

  • Betty Eve Blair *
  • Dan Haley
  • Madonna Holko
  • Gilbert S. Kahn *
  • Charles S. Long *
  • Shirley Merrill *
  • Barbara Pennington *
  • Bonnie Prato
  • Carlene Snyder
  • Pat Thomas
  • Sally Vilas
  • Myrtle Warren *
  • Jo Ann White
  • Gay Widdrington *

  • * = member deceased